Marie MacDonald
"I started training with Chris having done quite a bit of running, so I was reasonably fit but needing overall body strength and toning. The sessions in the gym have made a real difference to my whole fitness and I’m much stronger. Chris works you hard and is constantly changing the exercises for maximum benefit (he’s much tougher on me than I would be). I would thoroughly recommend Fitness Frontier to anyone looking for a fitness boost."

Brendon Reilly
"I have found my one hour weekly workout with Chris incredibly effective at increasing my fitness level and reducing my body fat. It is much more effective than a gym membership because having an appointment makes me turn up at the gym whether I actually feel like it or not beforehand. Chris always gets me to workout harder and longer than I previously managed on my own. My previous chronic back problems have also disappeared since coming to Fitness Frontier. fantastic!"

Guy Duman
"Fitness Frontier is most definitely one of Glasgow's premier personal training companies. The one to one approach is second to none and basically reduces the amount of time spent in the gym. Over and above the excellent coaching I truly value the nutritional advice and injury rehab. All in all, if you'd like to get in shape and importantly, stay in shape - initiate a programme. It works and is far more effective than a gym membership in the long run."

Brian Fitzpatrick
"I looked in the mirror one day and thought "time for a change".Getting fitter is one of those tasks you readily put off until you realise:  "I'm unfit". Too much work -too little time is everyone's lame excuse but I finally made time to exercise and I have never stopped feeling the benefits. Chris helps keep me on track and makes me push myself - I now enjoy exercising and would very much miss my work out"

Mike Tough
"I've had an association with Fitness Frontier since 2003. During this time my personal fitness has never been better. The varied workouts keep motivation and interest levels high, and Chris's encouragement always succeeds in getting me to outdo my past performances, even when he's not around!"

Lorne MacDougal
"As a full time musician, my weekly sessions with Fitness Frontier have opened my eyes to the massive benefits of healthy diet and a good fitness routine which help strengthen motivation, enhance creativity and strive for even higher goals."

Michael Savage
"Since starting with Fitness Frontier in 2007 my fitness levels have never been better. My routine features a mixture of weights and self defence. The workouts are always enjoyable, satisfying and very intense."

Robin Downie
"If you are like me, you come to a point where you realise that your weight is a bit higher than it should be and your level of fitness is not what it used to be. You have tried tackling these issues yourself but have not really made much of a difference. That is where I was when I decided to engage Chris. The plan has worked and my fitness has improved markedly and my weight is moving in the right direction. If you need the help of the imposed discipline of a regular routine and that extra bit of encouragement from a trainer, then Fitness Frontier is where you should go. You won’t be disappointed."

Martin Brown
"I started personal training with Fitness Frontier in 2006. I train twice a week, performing a mixture of weights, cardio and boxing. The varied routines mean my workouts are fresh, enjoyable and always high intensity."

Case Studies

Stuart Cassells
Lead man of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers
Musical scales are an integral part of Red Hot Chilli Piper Stuart Cassell's life, but when his weight scales proved poor diet and lack of exercise had piled on the pounds he turned to Chris Johnston of Fitness Frontier in 2006.

Through achievable goals for exercise and diet Chris ensured that Stuart would hit the right notes and sustain the stamina required for the popular piping group's demanding tours. Regular workouts and weigh-ins, more fruit and vegetables in his diet and a reduction in carbohydrate consumption saw Stuart shed over 4 stone.

Informed fitness and nutritional advice has resulted in dramatic lifestlye changes which ensures Stuart remains piping hot!

About the Red Hot Chilli Pipers

Maybe the most famous Pipe and Drum group in the World Winners of the Prime Time BBC One show 'When Will I Be Famous' with a blistering set Rock Bagpipes that astounded the viewers and critics!

Putting a modern spin on incredible piping and astounding drumming with an emphasis on showing off and putting on a show guaranteed to amaze any audience; The Red Hot Chilli Pipers really are a genuinely unique experience.

"I can see them opening on a World Tour for Billy Connolly - It's a unique musical experience" - Max Clifford

In 2004 the group appeared on the main stage at T in the Park with the headline band, rock group The Darkness and a track from the new Red Hot Chilli Pipers CD was recently played on Radio One.

The band features Stuart Cassells the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year 2005, a twice world champion snare drummer and with three of the band members being recent graduates from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, the musicianship is first class.

Stuart's piping has featured on The Darkness album 'One Way Ticket to Hell and Back' and on the soundtrack to the film 'Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire'. The group is in much demand performing all over the world from the USA to China at the biggest of events and festivals!

Ewan McGregor recently booked the band for his Burn's Supper in London and the band were delighted to have him join us for a few numbers on the snare drum. HRH The Princess Royal, Ewan McGregor, Phil Collins and The Darkness are also known to be big fans of the band.

Arleen McGichen

Arleen came to Fitness Frontier in January 2013. She had been using another physical trainer for a few years, but was looking to shake things up.

Arleen informed us she couldn't lose weight, and if she could lose half a stone she would be delighted. Challenge accepted!

After making a few subtle changes to her eating (no diet) and a new training schedule, I'm over the moon to show you the picture of Arlene's amazing journey.

It's great to have helped Arleen tranform her body and to see her buzzing with confidence!